Pack of Four, Unvaccinated, Dogs attack 10-Year-Old

When Scott Waldrop gave his son permission to go to a friend’s house, he never dreamt the get together would end with his son, Jordan being attacked by the four dogs who lived in the house. Not only is the father appalled that his son was attacked by the pack, but that the owner disclosed Read More

$9.1M Awarded in the Zimmer Durom Cup Hip Implant Lawsuit

There was a man that had received a Durum Cup implant that was made by Zimmer and he was awarded $9.1 through his lawsuit.  The plaintiff had alleged that the hip implant had a defect in the design and that made it negligent.  The plaintiff had alleged that the implant had damaged his bone and Read More

Arrest Made Are Death of Popular Myrtle Beach Martial Arts Fighter

Dennis Wright, age 28, has been arrested for the hit-and-run crash that killed Jordan “Pretty Boy” Parsons, a mixed martial arts fighter. Wright has a history of significant traffic offenses and was driving on a suspended license the day that the accident occurred. Wright was driving at high speeds in his mom’s Range Rover at Read More

Retaliate with an Auto Accident Attorney

Driving an automobile has become an essential part of life for the vast majority of people. Being able to drive your car safely around town is imperative in order to adequately care for your family. Feeling a sense of terror while driving, can significantly diminish your quality of life. It is likely either you or Read More

Victims Can Receive Financial Compensation After Construction Accidents 

  The owners of construction sites do everything they can to make each site as safe it can possibly be, but even then, it’s still a dangerous profession. There’s always a risk of falling, equipment malfunctioning, or a mistake being made by the driver of heavy machinery. In 2012 alone, 67,940 construction sites reported that non-fatal accidents happened on the site, which accounts for 7.5% of all work related injuries in all industries. It’s estimated that for every 100 construction workers, 3.7 of them will be injured during working hours. The most common fatal accident on a construction site is falling, followed by getting hit by an object (generally machinery), and electrocution. If you sustained an injury while working on a construction site, you don’t have to simply accept that these kinds of things happen. You do have some options, and it’s likely you have enough evidence to file a claim against whomever you feel is responsible for your injury. Provided you sustained an injury while on the job, you should be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits which are supposed to cover both your medical bills that are connected to the construction accident as well as your lost wages while you heal. Although the rules regarding workers’ compensation are created by each state, and there are some subtle variations, for the most part, all states follow a few basic rules. Workers’ compensation is a kind of no fault system. Just because your employer covers your medical bills, it doesn’t mean that you sustained the injury through their negligence. The reasons states make workers’ compensation a no fault setup is so that employers don’t drag their heels, putting their injured employee in a bind. Every single state requires all employers carry workers’ compensation insurance. After sustaining an injury due to a construction accident, it’s this insurance company that covers your bills. Workers’ compensation insurance is designed to cover your medical expenses, lost wages, and handle your financial hardship if you’re disabled as a result of the construction accident. The main reason that individuals choose to file a legal complaint following a construction accident is because workers’ compensation doesn’t always pay enough to cover the full extent of financial loss. Sometimes doctors skimp on care because workers’ comp dictates only a limited scope of treatment. In this case, a construction accident attorney can help you get the care you need. Workers’ comp also doesn’t cover your emotional pain and suffering, which the legal system says you’re entitled to. If you feel you’re owed some financial reward to cover your pain and suffering, you’ll need a lawyer who specializes in construction accidents and who will help you file a civil lawsuit. Time is of the essence. The sooner you can contact an attorney from a firm such as Pulvers Thompson Attorneys who specializes in construction accidents following your own mishap, the better. This gives your construction accident attorney an opportunity to take eyewitness statements while everyone’s memory is still clear, which in turn increases the odds of you getting the settlement you’re entitled to.     Read More

Facts on Intersections and Accidents

It’s easy to imagine that an intersection can cause problems for motorists. Everyone has been at an intersection at some point and experienced someone go when they shouldn’t have, or someone flying through an intersection without stopping. Intersections can be very dangerous, with or without traffic lights. In Orlando, personal injuries can happen at an Read More

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How to present your case in small claims court without a lawyer

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Filing A Case in Small Claims Courts

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