Arrest Made Are Death of Popular Myrtle Beach Martial Arts Fighter

Dennis Wright, age 28, has been arrested for the hit-and-run crash that killed Jordan “Pretty Boy” Parsons, a mixed martial arts fighter. Wright has a history of significant traffic offenses and was driving on a suspended license the day that the accident occurred.

Wright was driving at high speeds in his mom’s Range Rover at the time of the accident. Parsons was in a crosswalk, legally crossing the street when he was ran down. Six days after the accident, Wright did turn himself into the police in Delray Beach.

High speed reduces the possibility to respond in time when necessary. People need time to process information, to decide whether or not to react and, finally to execute a reaction. At high speed the distance covered in this period is longer.

Parsons, with the Viacom-owned Bellator MMA promotional company, was a 25-year-old featherweight-class fighter. His career record was 11-2. Before being removed from life support, Parsons lapsed into a coma and had one of his legs amputated.

A statement posted on the Facebook page of the police department indicates that Wright is facing a number of charges, such as driving on a suspended license while also being a habitual offender, leaving a fatal accident crash scene and tampering with evidence.

Witnesses who saw the accident take place told the police that Wright was speeding at 100 to 120 mph. Parsons was wearing headphones, so there is a chance that the music was loud enough to where he could not hear an oncoming vehicle.

Wright did not stop, nor did he attempt to slow down. He had some friends in a Mercedes who were driving behind him. Police say they did not stop to check on Parsons either.
Wright’s lawyer is trying to tell people not to rush to judgment. Attorney Robert Resnick said, “There are a lot of facts that have not been established in this case. I just hope the community waits for all the facts.”

Bail for Wright was set at $450,000.00 The police got an anonymous tip that helped them to make Wright a suspect. They discovered a rented storage facility where the Range Rover was parked. The shattered mirror that was present at the scene was clearly missing from the Range Rover.
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This is not Wright’s first time in front of the police. His history includes driving while intoxicated, marijuana possession, disorderly intoxication, assaulting a firefighter or officer, he had is license suspended six times and there are other offenses.

Witnesses told police that they saw Wright the night before out with friends at Delray Beach bar. Authorities are working to get all of the facts of the case to ensure that they file the proper charges. Witnesses who have yet to come forward are encouraged to do so by contacting the local police with information.

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