Facts on Intersections and Accidents

It’s easy to imagine that an intersection can cause problems for motorists. Everyone has been at an intersection at some point and experienced someone go when they shouldn’t have, or someone flying through an intersection without stopping. Intersections can be very dangerous, with or without traffic lights. In Orlando, personal injuries can happen at an intersection in any part of the city at any time of the day.

Intersections are known for causing problems for motorists. With so much merging together at once, it’s hard to keep everything straight while at an intersection. Over the last several years in the United States, over 21% of fatalities and 50% of the serious injuries have been attributed to intersections.  There is evidence everywhere of problems at intersections, even on the road itself. Many times, remnants of accidents can be seen on and near intersections, such as glass, tire pieces, and other road hazards that were a result of a collision.

Crashes often occur at intersections because these locations conjoin two or more roads crossing into each other. Potential conflicts can result in crashes. This is why drivers should always be alert, especially at intersections. You cannot assume that the other person across the intersection is paying attention. Many times, this assumption can lead to traffic fatalities. Intersection and intersection related deaths continuously make up a high proportion of fatalities on the roadways, at up to 23%. In Orlando, personal injuries are common occurrences at intersections. Sometimes, even death can occur, as the statistics show. Drivers need to put down the cell phone and other distracting items to lessen the chances of an accident occurring.

People need to stay alert and ready for anything when driving, especially at intersections. More than 50% of the combined fatal and injury crashes occur at intersections. This means that half or more of every serious crash occurred at an intersection. This proves that the only way to keep ourselves safe behind the wheel is to not be distracted, and watch other drivers around you.

An intersection is a planned point of conflict in the road system. The very definition of it seems to warn of danger. Drivers must drive to the best of their ability, carefully watching what’s going on all around them to avoid an accident. The cost of a crash or injury will hurt those involved and society as well. The cost to society for intersection related crashes is approximately $96 billion a year. Think about how large that number is and how many of those accidents might have been avoided if all parties involved had been paying attention. Anyone behind the wheel of a car should be alert at all times when driving, especially at an intersection.

In Orlando and other Central Florida cities, a personal injury or fatality could happen at any intersection in the city. If you are ever involved in an intersection crash or any type of traffic accident, you must have a plan of action to keep you and your family safe. Call 911 first, and then call the team at IRSMedic for justice. We’ll work for you, during this difficult time.

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